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In today's risky market conditions, where many banks have collapsed and countries are striving to survive, you must be careful with your lifetime savings. 

Think globally and let us work together to choose the best banks in the best traditional banking destinations.  Move your money where it should be, in safety. 
During your lifetime you may acquire different types of assets, such as properties, buildings, houses, shares, money, even cash. 

Use corporate structures and trusts to protect yourself and your assets from tax liabilities, plan the inheritance to your loved ones and invest or grow your assets with minimum or zero tax.
Keep your money in financial institutions and banks of reputable jurisdictions, such as Switzerland, Cyprus or Dubai.

We work with top banks to ensure the maximum safety of your money.  With professional advice, you can invest your money safely in many  investment products depending on your risk profile.
Credit / Debit card spending has become the source of exposing your personal habits and income potential.

Register with us a foreign corporation and get a prepaid visa card of the corporation.  Use of the corporate card  in your country of residence is not directly related to you personally. 


Establish an international business company (IBC) / offshore company with us and save tax and money. 

We can help you with the incorporation and full operational needs of your international company, offering a total solution including tax advice, bank accounts, credit cards and anonymity / nominee services.

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